The Selkie's Song is Book 1 of Arabella's Secret. This is the story of Laurel Rowan's gramma. Readers met laurel in laurel's Quest and many have asked about the back story of her Gramma Bella and Vear Du, the selkie. Here is the first installment of that complicated tale. Available where all good books are sold.    


Arabella Angarrick is heartbroken. Exiled from her beloved Cornwall, she must come to terms with life on the Canadian prairies and her arranged marriage to D’Arcy Rowan. She struggles to reconcile herself to life on a remote ranch with a man she barely knows. He knows he’s getting a two for one deal and Bella is thankful he is happy to welcome her unborn child into his home. D’Arcy is a kind man, but try as she might, Bella just can’t bring herself to love him. Her heart still yearns for Vear Du, the father of her baby. Will she ever stop dreaming of 

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