THROUGH THIS DOOR  is available for purchase. It is a collection of 45 poems, soft bound with a beautiful color cover. THROUGH THIS DOOR can be purchased by contacting me once the book is released. Price is $10.00 plus $6 shipping. 




Through This Door

Through this door I must walk alone

I take nothing with me

But the total sum of who I am

The only currency of value on the other side

the balance sheet of my deeds

Striped of all pretence and camouflage

Who I am and what I've done

Is laid bare for reckoning

Through this door I walked alone

To begin my journey and my quest

And through this door I must walk alone

When my journey is done and my quest is ended





I am a horsewoman

I am a mother, a wife

A lover and a crone

Greying hair hides

The brilliance and the beauty

Of the Fire in my Head 

I am growing old in my body

Yet my spirit is ever young

My dreams will live forever

My children's children walk the earth


Nancy M Bell 2010


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