Storm's Refuge is available from Books We Love! It has a lovely new cover by Michelle Lee and I have added some more adventure to the ending.  


 This  humourous romance is set in the real life town of Longview, Alberta. All the characters, with the exception of The Travelling Mabels, are figments of my imagination. The Travelling Mabels are a trio of singer songwriters who are releasing their second CD on June 12, 2011. The Mabels have graciously agreed to allow me to include them in Christmas Storm in the scene where Michelle and Cale go to a Christmas concert at East Longview Hall. Mary, an older mother figure in Michelles life, is a consumate matchmaker. Mary decides it would suit her purposes if Michelle's truck disappeared during the concert. Cale, the new vet who Michelle dislikes on sight, is also duped by Mary and finds himself seated next to Michelle instead of Doc, Mary's husband and Cale's new partner. Needless to say, Cale drives Michelle home, he only lives across the coulee from her ranch so it's not even out of his way. There are lots of ups and downs on the road to true happiness, Michelle just isn't sure she can keep the truck on the road with the shiny side up.




Come Hell or High Water continues the love story between Michelle Wilson and Dr. Cale Benjamin that started in Storm's Refuge. 

Michelle Wilson has the world by the tail. Cale loves her and she loves him. Storm is happy and healthy. To top it off, Michelle has qualified for the Calgary Stampede. She can’t wait to barrel race for a chance at $100,000 on Showdown Sunday. All her dreams are coming true; nothing could possibly spoil her happiness. Could it? Shelly, her brother’s new girlfriend seems a tad too interested in her old friend Cale Benjamin. And what’s with Michelle’s ex-fiancé Rob who keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Why can’t his brand new wife Kayla keep a tighter rein on that cowboy?

It’s been a long time coming, but Michelle Wilson and Dr. Cale Benjamin are finally ready to tie the knot. Of course, there’s the usual pre-wedding mix-ups, and matchmaker Mary Cassidy seems to have her finger in everyone’s pie. Michelle is wrapped up in wedding plans and worrying over her barrel horse’s impending surgery. On top of all that she’s hoping that her old flame’s new wife can keep him from falling off the wagon and disrupting Michelle’s wedding. Even though they say true love never runs smooth, what happens on the way to the church throws a wrench into the happy couple’s plans. 

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