Saturday night at the East Longview Hall at TheTravelling Mabels concert! What a perfect way to end a beautiful Alberta day. Lana, Eva and Sue were great at always. They mixed in their perennial favorites with some new original works and a few covers of iconic Canadian songwriter's work. 
The little hall on the prairie was rocking as the June twilight lingered outside, the almost full moon lit our way home and illuminated the rolling Alberta grasslands while the white peaked Rockies stood guard majestically against the western sky. 

I took the opportunity to drop off some swag to the ladies with the cover of my lastest release, Christmas Storm, emblazoned on it. The Travelling Mabels were gracious enough to agree to be included as part of the novel and Eva Levesque allowed me to use two lines from her original lyrics Smolder Blues. If you haven't heard of The Travelling Mabels, you are missing out on some amazing three part harmony and Eva's jokes are the best. Now where did I put that darn tissue? <searches in her bosom for it> Can't all us ladies of a certain age remember tucking various things into our bras for safe keeping? If you haven't seen the cover for Christmas Storm or read the story which is set in the real town of Longview, Alberta  just follow the links provided here for a real treat. The Travelling Mabels and Christmas Storm at the MuseItUp Publishing Book Store. (Just search the title under Product Search in the upper left side of the page) 

More soon, must get my butt back to work now.