It seems that time is slipping by and I am unable to stop it.  I still think of myself as young, you know, like in my thirties. Hard to fathom that I will be 56 this December. I mean, FIFTY-SIX??? How the heck did that happen?? On some level I know my sons are now 32 and 30, but somehow it doesn't seem to follow that I must then be older than dirt. But, alas, it would appear that I am.
There are still so many things I want to do and learn and there will  never be enough time. Yes, I know, 56 is not old, not really. But, I have a feeling when I am 76 I will be claiming that 76 is not old either. Where is the elixer of the Philosopher's Stone when you need it? 
They say, that with age comes wisdom. Perhaps...but then again, perhaps not. Who is to say, and who is the ultimate judge?  
My horse assures me I am still young and promises to carry me back to the days of my youth when I would ride for hours with the sun on my face and the solid feel of my first horse under me. This morning I noticed white hairs in Emily's bay coat and realized that she is 12 this year. I still remember the day she was foaled as if it was yesterday. When I was young, time dragged by. The end of the school year seemed like it would never arrive, Christmas took forever to happen, winter was endless. The older I get the more time seems to telescope and move faster. Christmas celebrations tend to run together, spring and summer race by in a kalidascope of green, gold and blue, my children are adults now and approaching middle age, my grandchildren as becoming young ladies, no longer babies. Winter, well winter still takes forever though.
Would I trade the life I live today for the angst of my teenage years again? Surprisingly, I don't think so. Ah, the angst of youth, will I ever fall in love with the right guy, how will I know, what will I be when I grow up?  No, I think not. I have been married 35 years now and when I look at my husband I still see the young man I married not the silver haired man he has become. Because, inside we are still young and in love and that will never change. Age may have blunted the recklessness of youth and mellowed the drive to be always on the move. But, the adventure is still alive in the spirit, we just returned from a Panama Canal cruise and some days the urge strikes and we are off down the road, happy to have the wheels turning under us. Going anywhere the road takes us, going from here to there, to somewhere. It doesn't matter where 'cause the pairie is rolling toward the horizon, the mountains are calling, the sky is Alberta blue and we are together, cupped between the sky and the earth with the wind in our hair.
Time goes on forever, and perhaps like time our story never ends either. I'll have to wait and see, I guess.