My goodness, what a weekend. Windy and rain, the wind was blowing hard enough to take you off your feet if your were't carefull. The horses and pony were happy to be in the barn for a couple of hours and get out of the crazy weather. Today, is hot and sunny with some periods of cloud. For the most part the flower gardens survived without too much damage. Thankfully, there was no hail. The big white combine wiped out my six foot high delphiniums last year. 

My two granddaughters had a sleepover on Saturday night. Such a joy to spend time with them. Shelby loves to write stories and draw pictures to go with it. She will be six in October. I am thrilled she loves to create stories, she is so serious about it. Sydney loves to put stickers on her shoes. Grampa bought them both pink princess slippers on Sunday and they have a drawer with a change of clothes and underwear in the spare room now. Riding the pony is a really good way to get your clothes dirty and hairy, so a change is in order.

Trouble, the cat, has one kitten. A little boy, he is about three weeks old. Surprisingly she is a very good mother. Who knew the little heathen had it in her. Her momma was a very good mom though, so I guess blood will out.

I am busy editing and finding time to work on my own writing. I have three or four things on the go, just waiting for the muse to kick me in the pants and get my fingers tapping on the keyboard.

You gotta love Springtime in Alberta!