Well, I have been busy this week for sure. Irish Fireside Tales is a collection of early Irish myths and legends retold in my oown words. This came about from the course I took on the early Irish legends. Over the course of a year I read one story eeach month, retold it in my own words and then journied to discover what kernel of knowledge or hidden meaning the tales hheld for me personally. It was a wonderful and immensely enlightening process. At the end of it I had this file of wonderful sstories and the idea came to me that I should share them with others. 
Irish Fireside Tales has been over two years in the making as it kept getting sidelined as I got distracted by other projects. However, the final files have been sent to the publisher and I'm waiting for the proof copy to arrive. The book should be available very soon from Create Space or by contacting me via email.
The course on the stories was through Tira Brandon Evans, you can find more information at http://www.faeryshaman.org/
The first year is the Irish Cycles and the second year is the Welsh stories from the Mabinogian.